Every Final Friday we will be hosting Game Night Fundraisers.

The next one is February 27th, 7-10pm

We are hosting these events at Overland Baptist Church in the Educational building. The church is located just east of Woodson on Midland.

Entry fee is $5 per person, or $10 for groups up to 5 people.

Playing tabletop games earns you raffle tickets, and donations to the OBC Food Pantry earn additional tickets. (Any non-perishable food items or new personal care items are welcome.)

Our raffle prizes are donated by local game shops, collectors, and committee members. Prizes range from DVDs and book bundles to collectable toys and of course, games.

Thirsty? Hungry? We have a concession stand with snacks, candy, pizza, and soft drinks.

So come and play some old favorites or discover a favorite new game! People of all ages are welcome, so you can bring the kids, a date, your parents, or a group of friends!

We hope to see you there!
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Come out and play!
Saturday, May 31st
1-4 pm
OBC Educational Building

It's a free doll meet up sponsored by the St. Louis BJD Convention!
The theme is Renaissance Masquerade, and costumes are encouraged for both dolls and people.

We will have doll display areas, photo opportunities, a snack buffet, soft drinks, raffles and a professional photo booth.
To benefit the OBC Food Pantry, we are collecting non-perishable food goods and a dollar table to raise funds.

On Sunday, we are also organizing an expedition to the the local ren faire!

For more info, visit our website:

Tea social and fundraiser

Saturday, March 16th, we are hosting a fundraiser to benefit our convention and the OBC food pantry! We will have several tables, each decorated with a different theme, including The Rose Garden, Rock 'N Roll, St. Patrick's Day, and more! Choose your table or you can take the Luck of the Draw and we will choose for you. While we enjoy a scrumptious buffet and tea, there will be a special guest speaker. Kaiti Hasenberg is a local expert on Tea Customs. We will also have a raffle with many valuable prizes, and a "Dollar Table". Click the link for more info and to register.
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The Last Minute!

Please support our BJD convention through Kickstarter:

You can pledge as little as a dollar, and every little dollar helps! Even if you can't make it to the convention this year, you can help us make it a raging success if you pitch in. There are many fabulous gifts at the various pledge levels.

Aprons with "Still Plays With Dolls" and an image of a doll embroidered on it.
Custom Apron Close-up

Custom embroidered patches with doll slogans or whatever you wish.
Kickstarter Patch

Etched custom glassware.

Blankets, quilts, and doll sleeping bags.

Sparkly Dolly Necklaces.
Kickstarter Gifts

Original art by the lovely and talented bakadragon.

And much, much more!

Give it a peek and please pledge your donation today!

Kickstart me, Baby!

Our Kickstarter is officially LIVE!!

If you are interested in supporting a midwestern BJD convention, click the link and pledge a donation now! If you donate, we have awesome gifts to offer our supporters.

If you are interested in attending our convention on November 17th, here's your opportunity to pre-register! Here's a note: The Kickstarter Campaign is how we're planning to handle pre-registration and it is possible that there won't be regular memberships available after the end of the Kickstarter if we make our goal. So if you want to register, now is the time!

Paulette Goodreau

Sarah Seiter

Allison Rasmussen

Check out our Kickstarter for more information, or visit our website:

More news!

Sarah Seiter (The Mushroom Peddler) is providing the convention doll! All we can tell you right now is that it is a special exclusive, and a DRAGON for the year of the dragon!!


Also, our next meeting is July 17th at 7pm. If you want to come, reply to this post or send me a LJ message and I'll give you directions.


Our three Guests of Honor are:
Paulette Goodreau of Goodreau American BJDs and the Make It Mine Toy company

Allison Rasmussen, author of "BJDs for Beginners" and keeper of "The Fashion Doll Review" blog and the "BJDs for Beginners" blog.

Sarah Seiter, AKA Mystic Unicorn, AKA The Mushroom Peddler!

Each of our guests has offered awesome programming ideas, so stay tuned for more information.

Please join our forum at:

Meet Me In St. Louis for the first annual St. Louis BJD Convention
November 17th, 2012
OBC Educational Center